New website with that new car scent

Posted: Sun 29th Apr 2012 by Justin with 2 Comments
New website with that new car scent

It’s been long overdue but we’ve finally launched our brand new website. For way too long we’ve been sporting a temporary one-pager which we had to setup while we worked on various client projects. We are all too familiar with that well known saying “the shoemakers son has no shoes” but today he’s got a brand new pair of designer sneakers.

The Design

We wanted a design that was in keeping with our identity as well as a bit on the unusual side. We needed our site to stand out, but not so much so that we compromised functionality. Have you ever seen one of those totally out of the box websites that look totally awesome until you realize that you can’t find anything or figure out how to get around? It’s totally frustrating and this is why we didn’t want to go down that road. Good design must be functional and beautiful. I believe we’ve achieved this.

If you look at the front page we have these diagonal lines which separate different content areas. You would think that this shouldn’t work but somehow it does. It’s a bit off the beaten track but content is where it should be and our simple navigation bar to the top, leads you down the path to discover more.

The Content

If you go through the different sections of our site you will find out all you need to know about iuGO digital. We’ve got information about who we are and our services, as well as a portfolio section with screenshots and project descriptions of some of our work. You can even get to know us through our blog and get in touch if you are thinking about working for us or us working for you.

The Future

A great website is never done and so we are going to keep tweaking our copy and adding new features and recent projects. We also intend to post to our blog as often as possible so pop in once in a while and check us out. Alternatively you can subscribe to our newsletter or like us on Facebook.

That’s all for now but if you’ve got questions or comments related to this article then give us a shout in the comments below.

2 Responses

  1. Julie Harris says:

    Congratulations J&D – looks good. I am sure as you say, the site will continue to evolve in exciting ways

  2. jusbeau says:

    Thanks Julie! I’d also like to congratulate you on being our first commentator 😉 You’re famous!

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